How we use our Micro Tanker

Article by Rick Peacock | Last updated: 11th Jan 2022

How we use our Micro Tanker

Our reliable Vacuum Tankers serve us perfectly for almost every job – but sometimes they're too large to fit into areas with limited overhead space (common for many locations around London) or too unwieldy for residential callouts.

Introducing the Micro Tanker

This svelte new addition to our fleet can go places our larger tankers cannot: underground car parks, or chambers and grease traps in hotels and other commercial buildings. It still has capacity for 1000 gallons of liquid waste disposal, enough for all but the largest of jobs.

How we use our Micro Tanker

Underground car park liquid waste removal. The perfect fit.

Available for home emptying

Domestic emptying for areas such as pump stations, gullies, pools and ponds are exactly the kind of thing our Micro Tanker is made for. Here's everything you need to know about our Domestic Emptying services.

Available for businesses

If your business has liquid waste disposal needs, including hard-to-reach or limited height areas, our Micro Tanker might be the perfect fit. Find out more about our Liquid Waste Disposal services, or get in touch.

White Label hire for our colleagues in the industry

Just like our Vacuum Tankers, the Micro Tanker is available for white label hire, allowing companies in our industry to expand their capacity and gain the expertise of our engineers.

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