How to avoid a blocked drain

Article by Rick Peacock | Last updated: 5th Jan 2021

How to avoid a blocked drain

To help you avoid nasty odours and the water draining slowly from your sink, bath, shower or toilet, follow our top tips for avoiding a blocked drainage system!

Keep it clean

Drainage Cleaning is needed because over time, the build-up of scale, dirt, grime and debris can begin to cause problems within your drainage systems, leading to gurgling noises, bad smells and slow drainage flow from your sink, bath or toilet. Cleaning your internal and external drains regularly will prevent blockages and keep your system in the best condition possible, lowering future repair and maintenance costs and eliminating health and safety concerns for residents within the property.

Try to avoid overusing heavy drain unblocking chemicals. We all like to keep our houses clean, but the use of too many anti-bacteria, disinfectants and other heavy cleaning products can stop your system working. These cleaning products can knock out the chemical balance of your system. This can then lead to your system making nasty smells, realising untreated water and polluting of the local environment.

Think before you flush

Here's a few things to avoid flushing down your toilet or washing down your sink:

  • cat litter
  • disposable nappies
  • sanitary products
  • kitchen towels
  • wipes/tissues
  • coffee grounds
  • cigarette ends
  • latex gloves
  • cotton wool buds

Detect issues early

When you first notice any of these things, you might be at risk of flooding:

  • drainage problems such as soggy soil around were sewage water is realised
  • overflowing sludge
  • white scum or foam around where sewage water is realised
  • cracked walls
  • failing pumps or motors
  • nasty smells

Call for help if you need it

If you think you have a drainage problem, don't be afraid to seek advice. Call a local drainage company – most will be happy to offer free advice!

If you're based in London or the South East, we can help – BPL Drainage offers free site surveys and we'll be happy to send an engineer to your home or business if you ever need help with a drainage emergency.

For a free site survey and quotation, reach us on 0208 761 8888 or send a message.

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